Sustainable ideas for rescuing unloved items – Sweet!

I love the idea of using stuff rather than making contributions to the local landfill.

Here is an idea using 2 of the most unwanted and unloved items – old heavy leather luggage (if you don’t own your own, they are readily available in most thrift stores) and upholstered furniture – many of the latter, only have wear and tear on certain areas…so this is a great way to salvage the good portions of upholstered furniture….
Here is another adorable idea for pet owners – and what a great gift – aaaawwwwwww! So cute 🙂 Available on 
I have seen so many discarded iron bathtubs just sitting in backyards, and if you can identify with this  – you may not want  to move it inside –  it could be an interesting outdoor seating alternative …..  It’s a tub it’s a sofa…again available at if you’re not feeling industrious….although the $1700 price tag may urge your creative instincts.

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