Green Homes Cometh

I can attest to wanting a greener home the next time that we make a move, and this selfish enlightenment came from our present living situation and wanting to spend less, be warmer and have the peace of mind in knowing that we are not destroying the environment quite as quickly as we would otherwise.

In the meanwhile, we are renting an antique home that is always cold in the winter – poorly insulated, windows that have the beautiful wavy glass, but you can fit a finger in the gaps between the windows and the house and many of them are only single paned!

Since we do not own the home, we are forced to figure out how best to stay comfortable without breaking the bank. One of the ways that we we do this, is with this wood stove by Jotul. It transforms wood into BTU’s with efficiency and an intense heat that is blessed in the winter months.

Heating with wood definitely takes effort, but if you process it from the perspective that you are getting a bit of exercise while transporting the wood from point A to B, stacking etc… it’s a bonus.
We bought this stove in Wilton at Yankee Doodle Fireplace & woodstove shop, where they will dispense expert advice and installation. They also have pellet stoves and sell beautiful accessories….
Yankee Doodle – 920 Danbury Rd – Wilton, CT – 203-544-8111
Ask for Sam or Claudia

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