Things come in 3’s – Star Spotting at 2 of my favorite places – Who’s next? lived in New York for over 10 years, star spotting became mundane – certainly not unusual. With a few, I have interacted, in such places as a gondola or at a party or dinner. They are: Lauren Bacall, Jack Nicholson, Michael Douglas, Jimmy Buffet, Jill St.John, Robert Wagner, all of the Trumps, Wonder Woman (I can’t remember her name Linda something) and Jon Bon Jovi.  The ones that I have only seen at a glance as, are Heather Locklear (Barneys), Cher,  Goldie Hawn + Kurk Rusell (Pinions in Aspen), Madonna (walking with Lourdes’ father in front of Amaranth, NY) I have certainly seen a few stars on this side of Manhattan, Diana Ross and Regis – since they both live or have homes in Greenwich.

Never was I starstruck until recently, and both were experienced close to where I presently live in Wilton, CT if you can imagine….scroll down please

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Drumroll please……………

And there is was, standing at the bar, 4 feet away, with his daughter and another friend, wearing his signature head wrap, black jeans, black shirt, Chrome Hearts silver buckle, bracelet, rings  and turquoise trainers (not that I noticed)….I was speechless and had a tough time not to stare him down and/or ask for an autograph – how queer (or how valuable!) but can you imagine the humiliation if he turned me down? I could only imagine my husband never wanting to lay claim that he was married to me and having to walk home.
The place where we spotted this legend is in Ridgefield – just a great place for a cozy vibe. When eating out, as important as the food is the ambience. This little gem has low ceilings, exposed beams, warm colors and just plain charming.  They serve up great French bistro favorites –  frites, tartare, les moules as well as expressive specials.

And then the second legend – bringing goosebumps to my arms every time that I “listen” to the movie for which he is so famous – The Sound Of Music – and the very first movie that my parents took me to see as a child, and one that I have seen at least a thousand times since…
The Captain himself – Christopher Plummer 
Debonair, handsome, regal – (the juxtaposition of these two legends is funny)….sitting in the School House – a gourmand delight with just a few tables, located in the historic village of Cannondale (Wilton, CT). I wanted so badly to have the music start so that he might be tempted to start singing – similar to the prodding of Fraulein Maria and his perfect kids. Edelweiss, Edelweiss – bless my homeland forever! For those who just can’t help their nostalgic selves click below:

It was the day before my birthday when we saw Christopher Plummer – I could have used that corny excuse to ask for an autograph!

2 responses to “Things come in 3’s – Star Spotting at 2 of my favorite places – Who’s next?”

  1. Call me old fashioned, but The Sound of Music remains one of the best movies ever. I never ride the mid mountain trail when I don't think of CP singing “The Hills are Alive……” Or actually I think of Julie Andrews. What a hot nun!

  2. Brings goose bumps to my arms also, Deb. It reminds me of our family filling a row of seats at the theater to see “Sound of Music”. An experience I have loved and never forgotten to this day…….and I have also seen it a thousand times since and I still experience the same feelings…….great memories and an unforgettable movie!

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