If this street could talk! Tinker Lane

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7 Tinker is the most recent “re-activated” listing,  is a veteran to the MLS.  Good news for a potential imminent sale is that it is now priced below assessment. The owner is in foreclosure, so is this the reason that interior photos have not been submitted – one wonders? In fairness, there were no interior shots submitted in 2004 either. In most foreclosure situations, it is buyer beware, since the payment to the bank is most likely not the only thing to have been neglected.

7 Tinker Lane

In 2004, 7 Tinker assessed at $2,066,750 and it is now assessing at $2,044,490 and the new listing price is $1,875,000. It was renovated in 2002, and the verbal listing descriptions are not so compelling, since the renovation in ’04 – understandably….

This home is situated on an oversized level 2.76 acres – zoned RA2 –  so you have a bit more elbow room than most of the other lots.


17 Tinker Lane

17 Tinker is listed as land or residence for $2,795,000. The lot slopes downward (which usually equates to a home that is “light challenged) The price is not relative to the home itself, since it needs complete renovation – wood paneling, worn carpet, dated wallpaper, sad kitchen/baths. The listing is about to expire, so it will be the time no doubt that we see a price reduction with the next listing broker that takes this one on. It has been on and off the market since ’08 for as high as $3,199,000. The listing is about to expire on November 3.

11 Tinker

We’ll end the tale of Tinker Lane with number 11 – Days on market during the history below – 365 Days
Like the others, but it actually sold. It is a cute house, and here is the history.

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