Nosy Neighbors Give Great Scoop! Sunday,  I held an open house for a King Merritt home that is available for rent. As I was setting up the Public Open House signs along King, Bowman and Heather Lane, I also slipped invitations for neighbors to drop by. Guess  what? They all came – excusing themselves as “nosy neighbors”  as I welcomed  them
with open arms and a big smile.  I often get asked  –  “why would you invite the neighbors?”. Many reasons:

1. If they like living there, they will recommend the neighborhood to others…

2. They may want more of their family members to live close by

3. You  get the  details  of  previous  owners or tenants (as is the case here) and sometimes it is quite colorful. It definitely helps to build a case for getting former landlord references for future tenants,  as  well  as credit checks for those tenants who flee in the middle of the night instead of ponying up past due rent!

4. The more the merrier in any shopping situation – it makes the property look hot…in this situation, many people were there at one point, enjoying cookies and chit chatting away. It was like a little party.

5. Getting  the scoop on  a  neighborhood is  beneficial  to future sales, in terms of relaying first hand endorsements, rather than facts and the King Merritt neighnorhood, they have adult socials, block parties, charity drives – it is grass roots living in America. It’s just plain nice.

To learn more about the neighborgood visit:

See you Later!

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