Trulia is Truly Annoying – Or should we look in the mirror?’s great that there are websites that scrape for information, providing consumers the opportunity to look for homes on line, as well as well as see where the homes are located in 3D, find school, community and shopping information in one place. The information is not always 100% accurate, but I am sure that there is a clause somewhere that provides an escape mechanism from liability.

There is even an area on the site that provides a forum where real estate “professionals” can offer advice to others, however, the answers given are often ambiguous, since many of these snippets come from realtors who chime in about locales of which they have no knowledge. As global as the marketplace is, there are still laws which are governed by each state. We should stop trying to purport that we have a Phd in EVERYTHING!

We, “the professionals” also consistently push that “now is the time to buy. That’s profound. How about addressing consumer confidence.

Having been in sales all of my adult life, I undertsand the necessity to believe and be positive about the services and products that we are selling – because if that is not apparent, nothing moves. I also believe that sustained credibility is the number one factor in motivating people to a decision, and that is dilluted when we speak to our potential clients in ways that differ from current market trends. Taking people through historic sales to prove the value of homes today, will most likely be the proof to have people believe that the timing is right (provided that they are motivated or even curious to explore buying or selling a home).

Mortgage rates follow supply and demand, so they are always low when there are fewer takers. Relating historic low mortage rates to the curve of projecting when the market picks up again would help. Does anyone see a potential market stimulus on the horizon? If not, the only buyers are the ones that having the extra cash now and the belief in riding the historic curve. The only sellers are the ones who need to get out, for personal, financial or relocation purposes.

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