Exploit The Market For Opportunity

As soon as you buy a property, you should think about selling it, because this eventuality is as inevitable as death. Unless of course you can afford to donate it, or hand it to someone else gratis.

The truth that location rules is never overstated. The land itself, where it is and its optimal use, is what determines value. Buildings depreciate, but nobody is making more land.

Often buyers don’t consider that they will have to sell a property one day down the road. They think a bit too much about their current needs, ie. “gotta to do this now or we will miss the school deadline”…or “I sold my house, and I don’t want to rent”

Sellers on the other hand, often make the mistake of hanging on to a property because selling when prices are high is not convenient time for them. Or in a down market, they resist price, “I’m not just going to give it away”

Well then, buyers and sellers just have to go with what the market hands them, rather than exploiting it – since the simple laws of economics rule the game.

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