Beautifully Restored and Re-Freshed Antique

There are quirks as with any antique home, many have been retrofitted to fit the current owner’s use or vision.
It’s improved and repaired since it last expired at $2,795,000 in 2014 (originally listed for the same $ as the current listing) – the seller has done quite a bit since:
Newly painted the exterior, cleaned out and painted some of the interior, refinished the driveway, repaired the pool and emptied and repaired the garage/barn.
If my memory serves me correctly, the property’s entrance and driveway was re-positioned from 291 Riversville Rd to it’s current location at 293. The entrance as it appears above is beautiful from the outside, but the ceiling is low and doesn’t welcome you with an open feeling as you enter. It improved the flow to the kitchen, otherwise you would have to travel down a small flight of stairs from the original entrance to get to it.
The way that I see it, is that today’s buyer will want to raise the ceiling in the entrance, and the roof in places (if even possible) and connect the barn. That’s probably $500K so the end result would be a selling price of $2.5M – $2.6M. 
Back to square one, but at least a buyer wouldn’t have to repair AND renovate, but the seller may not come out whole.

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