Tennis Anyone? Find the Niche

69 Calhoun closed yesterday in a bidding – volleying the price back and forth to reach the final $2,311,000…The irony is that it had expired last year at $2,450,000. The sellers bought is in 2008 for $2.1m. They renovated the kitchen and installed a tennis court….and tried selling it for $2,595,000 – hopefuly I’m sure to pull out their initial purchase price plus any money that they spent improving it. DENIED.

Pricing a property under market value will always increase the number of showings, and this time it worked to get more than one party bidding to bump up the price.

Or was it the mention that this was the only available property in this price range with its own tennis court? The next least expensive property is in the Chieftans currently active on the market at $3M – perhaps that listing agent should take notice.

Listed this year under $2M – $1,975,000

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