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Sold Properties Yesterday

15 Lexintgton Ave – Closed $3,092,250 – Asked $4,150,000 in ’14

Not a fan on contrived turrets, silos or lighthouses – but what do I know?…they’re everywhere in 2000+ construction…and they seem to sell eventually

128 Porchuck Rd – $4,200,000 – Sellers bought it for $5.2 in ’03
This doesn’t bode well for 69 Porchuck – similar house that
was trying to get $6m+ 

458 Stanwich Rd – $1,875,000

Asking $2,450,000 in 2013 – it is a great house – realtor owned with a restored barn. I love the house, and would have thought that it would sell for at lest $2M.

314 N Maple Ave – $1,455,000
Normally this location would have fetched a lot more, but the sewer line that is shared by 4 properties has to be replaced. I am sure that this carved into the final price – the original price was $1,850,000. Built in 1925, never renovated, 3300SF, no air conditioning… not for the weak of heart, but needing to be close to schools and town.

6 Huckleberry – Sold $1,825,000

Originally asking $2,150,000, I found it interesting that the listing talks about the former owner who was a “key member of the Garden Club” – not sure of the relevance to the property…fair price on a nice lane…

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