Contract in Riverside – 78 Summit – List $1,699,000

…the rumble of the train just doesn’t seem to bother buyers in Riverside. It must have a more romantic connotation than being on the Merritt…back country near the Merritt always suffers…Belle Haven loves 95, but Bruce Park doesn’t – go figure.

78 Summit Road has an accepted offer, with a list price of $1,699,000 after 4 days on market. A number of properties have closed in the last couple of years, 13 single family sales since 2010 – ranging in price from $650K to $1,970,000.

78 SUmmit Road
4 Bedrooms, 2+ baths – nothing special, and certainly not presented in the best light…no light or focus as a matter of fact…a mess.

I hear my mom saying, if you’re not going to do it right, don’t do it at all…
78 Summit Living 78 Summit Mess
Just goes to show, that if your property is in a desired location, the way that  it’s presented doesn’t matter…but if it’s not, pull out the stops!

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