Sell Your House Quickly for Dummies

I wouldn’t be surprised if we see that this got into a little bidding war…there is so little inventory in SOPO Riverside in this price range – it may have gotten a deal more even more quickly had it not been for the rumble of Metro North. The point is How to Sell Your House Quickly. The formula has been told many times, but keep it simple.

  1. No Clutter
  2. No Color
  3. Photos on a Sunny Day
  4. Feature Architechural Detail
  5. Feature What Buyers Want Today – Not What Made you Happy for Years
    34 Oval Front
    34 Oval Ave – Riverside – $1,495,000

    To See the Full Listing Click Here

34 Oval Yard
Flat and Fenced
34 Oval Bath
Clean No Clutter
34 Oval Bedroom
Simple – Focus on Hardwood Floor
34 Oval Kitchen
White Kitchens With Wood Touches Rule
34 Oval Dining
Updated Furniture in Dining Rooms (even if they forgot to remove the light fixture that was perhaps too small?)
34 Oval Entrance
A Nice Welcome Through the Front Door

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