2 New but Been There Done Those Listings

I pray for selfish reasons that both of these properties find love this time around…99 Porchuck is an eyesore that we’ve had to endure for years

99 PORCHUCK RD – $1,849,000
4 acres in 4 acre zoning…some wet, hilly and wooded – but contiguous to Audubon…anecdotally was used as a parking lot in 2003-04 for the Audubon Deer Hunt…
It was purchased by the present owner in 2002 for $1m (perhaps under duress since it was marketed in 1999 as being under renovation for $1.7M) The current owner then tried to sell it for $3.6 during the height of the market in 2005…ironically close to the price that 18 Porchuck Rd just fetched….a mansion on 8 acres…

 Then there’s 26 Bedford Rd – again

26 BEDFORD RD – $1,950,000
Realtor owned, and still over priced – it’s a 3 bedroom/2 bath house on 3 acres in not exactly the most sought after location. We may be back to ’06 prices in Riverside – Bedford Rd – not so much.


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