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New Listings 8/11 – Sellers: Today’s Buyer Wants Today’s Appeal

This charmer is back – what a patient seller! The first realtor priced this at $3,750,000 in ’09! And she kept it with the same realtor for 580 days…it expired at $2,495,000 on Jan 1 2013 – not so happy New Year…

Then onto the 2nd and present realtor –  who priced it a bit more realistically at $2,495,000 in May 2013 – it expired this year in May at $2,250,000 – 296 days later – and now it’s back $2,250,000 – with realtor #2I just have to shake my head.

The potential of this foyer is lost with bad lighting
And multiple scattered rugs
Another staging opportunity

This kitchen would 100% better with a little paint on the cabinets, as well as on the yellow dishwasher (yes appliances can be spray painted) . The seller push back is always that the new owners could do that easily, but what they forget, is if is at least to the point where they can live with something for a while, during the planning process of renovation, it is more attractive to the buyer.

My advice to sellers who are interviewing realtors, is to be open to changing room decor to attract a broader audience. The advice that I would recommend to realtors is to let their clients know that since they’ve made the decision to sell their property – they should start the letting go process, and psychologically adjust to the the fact that it will soon belong to someone else. 

Get rid of the window treatments, and edit the “collections” on the mantel and shelves, out with the dated rug (we realize that they cost a lot of money, but younger buyers don’t care) arrange the furniture towards the fireplace (which the realtor obviously thought was the focal point of the room) – and to the realtor – light the place before snapping away!

Suggest how a room would flow – you wouldn’t want to move the chair every time you want to access the French door. Arrange furniture and items by color – avoid the Xmas theme. Another thought is that small paintings should have company on a large wall, and not every wall needs to be adorned. Light the room before the photo is taken!

The sun room would appear to be such a larger extra space if the furniture was removed. The green and white theme dates it immensely. One big fern in the corner would do the trick after removing the indoor/outdoor grass rug.


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