185 Old Mill Deja Vu Vu Vu

This seems strange, and I remember it better than most, since I called the owner for the listing on the day that it last expired – 11/07/13 – 1 day after my birthday…we had a conversation, and I know that it didn’t go back on the market the next day…but that’s what the MLS shows at the moment.
9 months since it was last active, it is reported as “pending” – although I believe that it was in contingent contract after neighboring 189 Old Mill Rd closed. This information seems odd as well, since it shows that it was pending and closed on the same day for both $995,000 and $900,000…

189 OLD MILL RD – 06831
The sellers bought 185 Old Mill Rd in 2004 for $1,600,000 and then purchased additional property for $75K for a total of 1.03 acres…Zillow reports that this was the amount of the last sale, so the property appears to have increased in value by approx. 1,700% – not so much – although in fairness, their zestimate is in he vincity of asking price.
185 OLD MILL – 06831
They listed it 819 days ago for $2,375,000 where it sat with no price reduction for 351 days.
I somehow remember a price between $2,375,000 and the current list of $1,395,000 but I can’t say for sure…I wish that I could find an email where I sent the property, but the MLS changed from their previous format to flex and those emails are gone 😦

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