Closed! Sold! Bidding War

32 Amherst Rd – Riverside sold for $600K – list $675 – days on market 19 – most likely a cash buyer for land value

69 Riverdale Ave #602 – sold in a bidding war – list was $799K and sold for $806,791- 89 days. Price it right, and they will bid!

223 Milbank Ave #A – list $1,925,000 sold after 91 days on market for $1,750,000. It expired at this same number in 2009, so sellers and buyers are most likely happy – rare.

16 Grant Ave – Old Greenwich – sellers bought it at the high in 2005 for $3,100,000 and sold it today for something close, but not the $3,495,000 that they had hoped for 359 days ago

12 MEADOWCROFT LANE – $12,875,000

And the Mac Daddy sale of the day is 6 Meadowcroft Lane – $12,875,000 – Although they were hoping for $14,500,000 this time around, it last expired at $13,750,000 in February this year – so getting within 10% is not bad…13,000SF and 8 acres in 2 acre zoning. I believe that this makes it the 9th sale of the year over $10M!

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