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A Snail’s Pace…

73 Orchard St in Greenwich is back on with a new realtor – but it’s the same old song and dance… even the same, lame photos – half of which will not load – so you’ll have to take my word that the main part of the building is finished, and the 2 story barn is still just studs and some electrical work has been done.  


No memo apparently, that buyers are looking for move-in condition or a better price…and maybe, not the only single family on a condo lined street…Since it is zoned R6 – the marketing has been touted the unusual ability to have either multi family or single use…

They tried selling it completely finished back in ’09 for $3,299,000 and then took it finally cancelled at $2,850,000.
Back on the market in 2011, with the other part stil unfinished, the sellers were asking $2,395,000 – days and years on market… then it dropped to $1,985,000 then $1,965,000
And now…drumroll please…

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