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Market from a Different Angle

57 Hillside – in contract with a list price of $1,699,000 –  looks less fortunate from the front than it does from the back…I’m being kind – and for years, the primary photo was this one…which 99% of the time, it’s the front or aerial shot of the property:

…then a smart realtor changed it up a bit, and thought outside the box – and took this charming shot of the backyard, with bridge and the tree off to the left, so that perhaps one doesn’t focus on the flat roofed undersized garage..

Located on the thoroughfare to the high school – this property began it’s sale journey a long time ago – and when it didn’t sell – it rented – but when sales begin to improve, often single family rental prices come  down. From the history, you can see from when it was first sold, then rebuilt – on/off and rented…

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