261 Round Hill Rd on the Market for $11,750,000 – 41% higher than last year…

As a seller’s agent, you always want to get the most for your client’s property. But when representation crosses town boundaries, does it create a 41% premium for the property?

In the case of 261 Round Hill Rd, whose owner Diane DeMaio nearly died last September after her husband beat her with a baseball bat (she was in a coma for a week and still recuperating), has the property listed with Nestseekers – whose focus is clearly Manhattan – laying claim also in Long Island City (formerly known as Queens), The Hamptons, Williamsburg (formerly known as Brooklyn) and Miami? But I didn’t see anything about Greenwich…nor could I find the property on their website.
With short memories of tragedies that occur outside of our backyards, perhaps it’s thought that the new buyer will not be aware or remember this sad occurrence….(although it hit national news as well) … Or maybe the “logic” is that NYC agents are not aware that Greenwich is not getting into quite as many bidding wars as the city? Or perhaps the thought was that it would appeal to another audience? Or that buyers never look at listing history before making an offer? 🙂
Cutting speculation and emotion out of the equation – $4M+ more than where we last saw it on the market in Greenwich? The Greenwich tax collector is in sync with the last list price of $7,299,000.
If anyone cares, I believe that Michael DeMaio is now living in Somers correctional facility – after his attorney was successful in reducing his bail by half.…he’s reported to have suffered a mild stroke in January.

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