Recent Closed Transactions 2/21/2014


Finally…52 Ute a 2 family close to Equinox finally sold – it had been going for years. Divorce, foreclosure, restructured…Funny – I showed it when it was $1.250m – the price had been raised from the current list of $1.1m – some strategy. The only way to see the property was to have the owner present – not listing broker accompanied – not KB. My “clients” are from Poland and the owner was Ukrainian. Just after saying a polite hello, everyone picked up on accents, and the Russian started flying. My clients indicated that they were not interested, and ironically I never heard from them again.
16 Hurlingame Rd – $11,900,000 – 681 Days

Indoor/Outdoor Pool

In  Conyers Farm – built in 1988 – with several owners since – it’s gone from a high list of $13,995,000 (2011) to the lowest list of  $12,999,00 (2007) to a high close $13,750,000 (2009) to the lowest and most recent close  of $11,900,00 (asking price $12,950,000)

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