Hidden agendas…inconsistent listings…
Hidden agendas…inconsistent listings…

Hidden agendas…inconsistent listings…

The Fountain brothers just wrote about sneaky brokers – please reference:

Being that I usually have honest experiences with other realtors and clients, I went about discovery (for an inquiry that I co-incidentally received yesterday for 160 John St),  in the usual manner, tax records, mortgage and sales history, etc….Not yet retained by the individual who contacted me, my obligation to be polite, and give him an honest history of that which had already been made public was not so easy for 160 John St – a Raul Villas Listing.
160 John St – Greenwich, CT
160 John St. was included in an article in the Greenwich Time on March 1, 2011 – that was addressing back taxes on properties in Greenwich.

“Owing the most back taxes is the estate of Perry Skjelbred, who, even though he died in April 2008, left a balance of $93,789 on his farm at 160 John St.
“The estate is being closed out,” said Catherine Lawson, who is listed as the contact for the estate.”
It’s dishonest and sloppy, when listings have inconsistent information. This is equally offensive, in my opinion, as hiding listings from agents. It is a disservice to the marketplace because agents use listings for what is perceived as good information.

Re: 160 John St, Catherine Lawson bought the property in 2011. 160 Owner LLC is selling the property – most likely a re-structuring vehicle. Listing agent Raul Villas has the property listed on the MLS’s for $1M with notation at the bottom of the listings indicating the sale will occur through an auction on October 15 – 17. Upon contacting him via email as he requests, he dispensed the auction site and procedure in a format which he no doubt copies and pastes several times a day. The site BOLDLY states that this property is bank owned. On the CMLS there is a box to check whether a propery is bank owned, and this box was not checked by Mr. Villas.

If this property is not bank owned, but rather owned by an LLC that has re-structured the debt, can a listing agent advertise it as bank-owned? Or the other way around…?

Just asking….

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