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129 Dingletown Rd – New to market – sort of…$3,449,000!

We looked at this home during our search last year, because we are always attracted to interesting properties, rather than typical colonials…the house has good bones, nice roof, stone – solid

…but it still did not add up for us for a few reasons. There was a shared driveway (not sure if they changed the entrance to Stanwich Rd or not – but will see it for myself tomorrow) and the cottage was very close to the main house – still is.

It actually went into a little bidding war….so I thought, who knew? Listing at $1,485,000 it sold for $1,494,000 in less than a month – the market proved me wrong.

The old listing indicated 3 bedrooms 3 baths, and a 2 bedroom 2 bath cottage.

The new listing indicates 5 bedrooms, 4 1/2 baths with a 2 bedroom 2 bath cottage – renovated in 2013 – but not expanded…Misleading? 

New Listing – Main house with arches/entrance/stone – White 2 bedroom cottage with dormers – right
Cottage Photo from Previous Listing – Showing proximity to main house
Today’s listing describes it as 5000 (architect not tax card – did they combine the main house and cottage?) or the expanded area that had previously used as a garage is an additional 1900 SF?  

Renovated Kitchen Walls removed – Opens to Family Living
Open Space
Listing indicates “waterfront” – it must be beyond the greenhouse.

The assessed value is $1,275,960 they’ll find a romantic buyer with $3M+ to spend, who dreams of low taxes. It still doesn’t add up – for me.

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