Moving? O’Neill & Sons is AMAZING!

Moving is never convenient – but it can be a smooth transition if you work with the right moving company. I have moved from Maine to Florida, Florida to Pennsylvania, PA to New York City, from one apartment to another, from New York to Sausalito, CA, Sausalito to Greenwich, CT, Greenwich to Wilton, Wilton to Greenwich, and most recently from one house to another in Greenwich.

Since we recently moved – twice in one week – I can personally recommend O’Neill & Sons in Stamford. 
O’Neill & Sons – 26 Dartley St – Stamford, CT
We had to vacate our rental home before the close of the home that we were buying, so we moved everything to a temporary location on June 30th,  and then again into our new home on July 3rd.
Unlike other moving companies that charge by transportation charges and  the amount of space that your stuff consumes in their vans, O’Neill and Sons charges by the man and hour. So you are paying exactly for what you are getting.
The movers themselves are amazing! They hustle with a smile – they are trustworthy. They moved out a washer/dryer and hooked the news ones up for me. We have big heavy furniture and exercise equipment that weighs hundreds of pounds…this was not like moving lightweight furniture made of particle board – we are talking oak, maple, mahogany most are antiques – and those that aren’t were built   to withstand time, and will eventually become someone’s antiques.
Call Patty O’Neill for your next move or recommend them to your friends: 203-943-4342 or email

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