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Lies of Omission

I have been absent for a few days, and have been mulling over whether to vent or not  – 

Is it ethical to list a single family home but to omit important details from the listing such as 1) the tenant must employ the owner’s handyman/gardener for $9000 per year 2) that the owner reserved the right to use the guest cottage for his/his family’s personal use? 

The home has been on the market for over 300 days, joining the ranks of 120 other homes in Greenwich – so the owner decided to list it for rent – first for $7000, then reduced it to $4500 (with the above mentioned hidden caveats) 

I will hand it to the realtor that she disclosed these facts right away in person, however, one had to show up to see the home, before learning of these details – and no doubt this had everything to do with the reason that we saw (3) other parties leave as quickly as they came.

You must admit that the reduction sans truths, did get people to show up! But how many people were annoyed in the process?

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