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Seller paid 13M for this beautiful home in 2012, and it’s reporting a deal after only 140 days – quick for this price.


11 Skyridge Rd



218 Clapboard Ridge

218 Clapboard Ridge Road – Greenwich CT – Closed 9,650,000 on the last list of $10,900,000


Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 10.10.04 AM


Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 10.14.38 AM

12,500,000 was the magic number that eventually snagged a buyer. This property is truly beautiful, and one that doesn’t come along everyday. The lucky buyer has a home that will transcend time and trend.



Finally after several years, 37 Calhoun Dr is sold. Surprisingly, it was with one agent for most of its very long journey. They tried to sell it in 2010 for nearly $11M – it was reduced through the years when it’s last list price was $5,995,000.

The sellers bought the property in 1999 for $3M and renovated extensively also adding additional space. It is truly a beautiful home, in an association that is relatively close to town.

9300+SF, 8 bedrooms and an equal number of full baths…

On 3.18 acres – pool & tennis

Looking at it from a sales per SF perspective, $600+ is about right for today’s market.

Selling a property doesn’t have to be painful – but some people obviously like it. It’s nearly impossible to leave money on the table, so price it right, time it right for the market, and your chances of getting the best price is more likely than over pricing it.

Case in point – this closed yesterday:

88 Conyers Farm Drive – Sold $7,400,000

88 Conyers Farm

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 7.25.43 AM

Bouncing around from one agent to another, only to find it’s way back to the original agent, albeit a co-list, this property’s extremely long history didn’t serve it well. From an asking price of $19M in 2005 to a third of the price in 2017.

Built in the late 80’s, this 12,000SF faux chateau  on 12+ acres, with loads of detail and decor, that was no doubt factored into the cost of removal and replacement.

88 COnyers Living.jpg

Advice to sellers, buyers want to see what they’re buying, the architecture, not your enhancements: heavy drapery, columns featuring dead flowers and all that furniture obstructing the view through the hall.

Less is more

22 Bedford Rd Greenwich CT – 2,195,000


22 Bedford Road Greenwich came back to the market yesterday. It was foreclosed a while ago, and sold, I thought. M&T was the owner then and they still own it. It’s not unusual to see a property return to market shortly after a closing, but what is strange, is that the MLS’s are not showing that information.

I showed the property 3 times, so I followed the history and sent emails to clients (hence the proof below). It shows that on November 9 2017, it sold, but wait…..what? That bit of history doesn’t appear any longer on the MLS’s

Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 6.31.57 AM

Are the banks too big to report?

For any foreclosure, buyers beware! Don’t skimp on a thorough home inspection. If the owners were not able to pay the mortgage, they’re not maintaining the property either.

The timing seems a bit off, since buyers in this price range are not exactly lining up in droves. Two buyers snapped up Peterfy’s Conyers property for 21M, and another went to the Sabine Farm Sale for 25M. But who knows? If there is a luxury buyer who prefers privacy over waterfront (although the latter holds value since it’s so limited), a full price, quick sale may surprise me.

33 John Street – New to Market – 17,900,000

Click image to see full listing

33 John Street

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 7.18.52 AM

51 Glen Avon Drive – Riverside CT – List 15,900,000

51 Glen Avon Drive

It will be interesting to see the closing price. On the market with one agent for only 65 days when it was cancelled. The sellers re-listed with another agent (when I toured it) and it was on the market for 173 days. Now after only a few days, it reports a deal. Crazy when this happens…

Anyway, it’s located towards the better end of Glen Avon, and well built by Kaali Nagy. As the listing says, it is beautifully appointed, and setting is perfect for the infinity pool, pool house and dock. It’s a really fun and special property.