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In the Greenwich Time today, there is a beautiful eulogy written by friends of the Palosz family. Rachel and Brian Raabe. The excerpt below, is towards the end of the eulogy, and perhaps among the most poignant words written…

Bart Palosz is the teen who killed himself this week in desperation. As another terrible bullying situation, we can only hope that this finds its way in the hearts of the seemingly heartless, and adults who ignore bad behavior.

…”As individuals we need to reach out more, embrace people’s differences, watch out for one another, and most importantly, pass these traits to our children. Schedule play dates for your children with others that are perhaps not their obvious choice, take the time to get to know peers that are maybe considered different and take an interest in them. The simple observation that, “kids can be cruel” is not action, it is an excuse, an inequitable pardon for those whose actions lead to us being here today and an excuse for not teaching our children well.

Hopefully we have all learned from this tragedy.”
May he rest in the peace that he couldn’t find on earth…

This is a nice home – priced right – last listed in 2010 for $3,295,000 and it closed at $2,850,000 – so today’s asking price seems reasonable

  • 5 Bedrooms – 4 full and 2 half baths
  • 5000 + SF
  • Close to town
  • North Street Elementary and Central Middle Schools
  • 2 car garage
  • Mint condition
9 Roberta Lane – Greenwich, CT

Kitchen – Open to Family Living

Flat 1 acre


We looked at this home during our search last year, because we are always attracted to interesting properties, rather than typical colonials…the house has good bones, nice roof, stone – solid

…but it still did not add up for us for a few reasons. There was a shared driveway (not sure if they changed the entrance to Stanwich Rd or not – but will see it for myself tomorrow) and the cottage was very close to the main house – still is.

It actually went into a little bidding war….so I thought, who knew? Listing at $1,485,000 it sold for $1,494,000 in less than a month – the market proved me wrong.

The old listing indicated 3 bedrooms 3 baths, and a 2 bedroom 2 bath cottage.

The new listing indicates 5 bedrooms, 4 1/2 baths with a 2 bedroom 2 bath cottage – renovated in 2013 – but not expanded…Misleading? 

New Listing – Main house with arches/entrance/stone – White 2 bedroom cottage with dormers – right
Cottage Photo from Previous Listing – Showing proximity to main house
Today’s listing describes it as 5000 (architect not tax card – did they combine the main house and cottage?) or the expanded area that had previously used as a garage is an additional 1900 SF?  

Renovated Kitchen Walls removed – Opens to Family Living
Open Space
Listing indicates “waterfront” – it must be beyond the greenhouse.

The assessed value is $1,275,960 they’ll find a romantic buyer with $3M+ to spend, who dreams of low taxes. It still doesn’t add up – for me.

Asking $1,497,000 – and closed @ $1,500,000*

Nice to see in OG for a change….a little bungalow charmer – less than 2000 SF – 4 bedrooms – 1 car – .25 acres….

* This is not the actual photo – since I cannot pull photos with my mac from GMLS – shame…but it is very similar. 7 Park Ave’s roofline tips to the front and has a dormer center front.

It will most likely take $17,000,000 to get the prize…
160 John St
The list price prior to the auction listing, was with David Ogilvy for $28,500,000 for the entire property…the current owner has packaged and re-packaged this property in various ways…after buying it for $16,199,820 in 2000.



Catherine C Lawson – TREGARGUS HOLDINGS LTD transferred the following at the beginning of the year to the current “owner” 160 Owner LLC….

160 John Street Lot 1 — 160 John Street, LLC to 160 Owner, LLC, $13,625,365.89 warranty deed.
160 John Street Lot 2 — 160 John Street, LLC to 160 Owner, LLC, $1,107,780.51 warranty deed.
160 John Street Lot 3 — 160 John Street, LLC to 160 Owner, LLC, $774,040.35 warranty deed.
160 John Street Lot 4 — 160 John Street, LLC to 160 Owner, LLC, $788,219.91 warranty deed.
160 John Street Lot 5 — 160 John Street, LLC to 160 Owner, LLC, $767,846.39 warranty deed.

*TOTAL – $17,063,254.10

Prior to these “transfers”,  the listing history was:
2009 – $39,500,000 – reduced $32,500,500
Re-listed in 2010 $41,000,000
Re-listed 2011 $45,000,000
2011 – Lot #1 – this included the home – $29,000,000
2011 – Lots 2,3,4 and 5 – $16,000,000
2011 – $39,600,000
2012 – Lots 1,3,4 + 5 – $16,000,000
2012 – Lots 2,3,4 + 5 – $12,000,000
2012 – Lot #1 – $26,000,000
2012 – Lots 1,3,4 + 5 – $16,000,000
2012 – Lot 1 – $26,000,000


The sellers bought the lot in 2011 for $562,500 so it looks as tough they will make a tidy profit.
4500+ SF
.33 acres

Sold today for $7,375,000 – last list was $7,995,000 – the seller bought the home in 2005 (when it was last renovated) for $6,930,000 – $400,000+ less than anticipated

8 Dempsey Lane Front
Equinox @ 8 Dempsey

Only other sold home today, was 15 Old Kings Highway in Old Greenwich. List was 849,000 and the close price was $816,000 after only 34 days. It was a family affair – owner related to listing broker – and it had been on the market for a couple of years – at one point as high as $925,000. The market denied them of anything close to that…so all in all hopefully, it’s a win/win.
542 NORTH STREET – $3,995,000
5 KEOFFERAM – $3,310,000

The Stamford Adocate reports:

This information includes all areas of Greenwich, Riverside, Old Greenwich and Cos Cob – compliments of Coldwell Banker
Please let me know if you would like the original PDF….just email me:

Single Family Homes were 80, up 25% from 64 in July 2012 – 7# lower than the 86 sales last month. July 2013 sales were at their highest level compared with July 2012 and 2011. July sales of 357 are running 33.2% ahead of last years YTD sales of 268

INVENTORY AND MSI (MSI is # of months needed to sell all inventory at the monthly sales pace)
The total inventory of properties available for sale as of July was 582, down -9.8% from 644 last month and down -7.5% from 628 in July last year. The July MSI of 7.3 was at its lowest level as compared with July 2012 and July 2011.