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…how did they get to that number?

5 JOFRAN LN, Greenwich CT 06830 MLS# 85080

48 Days on Market
List $2,875,000

Other sales today:

16 Stone Ave – Greenwich

For $600,000 – not bad….waiting it out served someone well. A multi/2 – with mirror features with rental history indicating $2000/month. It had been on and off  the market since 2002,  for as high as $895,000 at one point. The seller bought it in 1999 for $420,000 – never renovated – the lucky dog just road a wave…

#15 – $2,495,000 – DOM 63 Days – One of the originals – nice flat lot

#70 – on and off since 2006 – now $1m less @ $2,450,000

#12 – $5,295,000 – DOM 629 – on and off for 6 years – of PinPat fame
#27 – $7,400,000 – New to market –  Sold in 2005 for $7M (comp to ’05 #’s – doubtful)

#51 – DOM 244 – reduced to $2,888,000

#78 – $3,695,000 – DOM 81 – Sold last year for $3,224,000 – nice house – fair price
Also for rent $17,000
#40 – $6,995,000 – Owners bought it in 2000 for $2,625,000 – I’ll let you decide…
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#41 – $5,585,000 – on and off since 2004 – also for rent $20K/Month
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#45 – $5,495,000 – on the market for 5 years
It’s funny – when I attended the meeting that the Greenwich Board of Education conducted specifically for realtors last week, one person raised the challenge that the rules for applying for a beach pass were more stringent than verifying residency for our schools. The BOE members argued that there had been some investigation into the matter, which only proved that there were 2 students who were not residents…and they did not mention that they were allocating $25K for this issue.


According to the Greenwich Time “In the fall of 2012, the district conducted a review that turned up 29 vehicles with New York registration plates dropping off students at New Lebanon. An investigation of those vehicles did not tie them to any out-of-town students, according to district officials.”

It must be that NY nannies are dropping the kids off at school? 

Or maybe they were rental cars

Or NY relatives doing their CT cousins a favor, and coming here to drop the kids off at school…. 

Time and $25K will hopefully bring some truth to the matter…

82 Winthrop Dr. Riverside sold today for $1,675,000 – list $1,775,000 – seems a bit high for 2300 SF cape with typical tipped ceilings in bedrooms upstairs – but there again – that’s Riverside 2013.

82 Winthrop Dr – Riverside

11 Pleasant View Pl – Old Greenwich

And then 11 Pleasant View in Old Greenwich closed at list price $2,375,000 – nice open family room adjacent to kitchen, which everyone wants today….plusses are the master suite and finished lower level for an additional 1400+ SF.

A place to call home – 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, 3 fireplaces, .47 acres, 2 car garage, 3,687 SF, finished lower level for extra living/office and available immediately…

19 Crescent Road Front
Nice Back Area
Family Room addition with Bells like French Doors and Whistles like Floor to Ceiling Fireplace
My prediction is that this home will have an offer this week….on the market for nearly 300 days, recently reduced $200,000. The present owners bought it for $2,225,000 in July 2008. The kitchen was already updated for the present owners, but they added a beautiful family room, removed lots of dated wallpaper and floor coverings, and painted everything…They deserve to pull a little money out of the sale.;sz=300×250;ord=timestamp?;lid=41000613802463762;pid=UBM9780314915368;usg=AFHzDLuSsEtImwC3dk38-8HdUWg_RsVdug;;pubid=558465;price=%24126.84;title=Family+Living%3A+Relationships+a;merc=CDS+Books+and+DVDS;;width=106;height=135

Probably not the greatest way to start the day – especially a beautiful Saturday morning like this one, but while reading the Greenwich Time, I zeroed in on an article about our newly graduated generation, otherwise known as the “Millenials”. Makes them sound so important (perhaps in their own minds), and hopefully one day they will influence the real estate market, but how much longer will they be living at home? In Fairfield County the percentage of our graduates still living at home,   is the highest in the nation…

WAAAA – WAAA – I can’t get a job – I wonder why?
Here’s a paragraph taken by the story as reported by the Greenwich Time:
“But 24 percent is child’s play compared to the rate here. In Fairfield County, 34 percent of millennials between the ages of 25 and 29 still lived with their parents, according to an August 2012 study. At one-in-three instead of the one-in-four national rate, the county surpassed every other metropolitan statistical area in the nation. And compared to Des Moines, which has the smallest percentage, Fairfield County has four times as many millennials staying at home.”;sz=300×250;ord=timestamp?;lid=41000613802463762;pid=GNLF048;usg=AFHzDLtb_U0pCPOYh2gaN0LLWbUAW7mpPg;;pubid=558465;price=%2487.36;title=Greenleaf+9304+Lily+Dollhouse;;;width=139;height=135

This property, newly listed today for $3,495,000, last sold in 2006 for $3,310,000. It was newly built in 2005… 5700 SF, 5 bedrooms , 5 1/2 baths. Maybe the thinking is that we’re back to ’06 prices?

Just sayin’

16 Grant Ave – $3,495,000

  • Built in 2005
  • 4,277 SF
  • 5 Bedrooms
  • 5+ baths
  • .34 Acres
  • 2 Car Garage

5 Kernan is also on the market in the same price range – $100K more – but more is more…

5 Kernan Place – $3,595,000

  • Built in 2008
  • 6,059 SF
  • 5 Bedrooms
  • 6+ Baths
  • .78 Acres
  • 2 Car Garage


Not your everyday home, up the creek – Mianus River that is…..a little retreat may just be what the doctor ordered….reduced from $2,395,000 to $2,250,000 TODAY…what a great second home – low maintenance…great lifestyle…ready for new owners..

  • 4 Bedrooms
  • 3 1/2 Baths
  • 3 Fireplaces
  • 4,324 SF
  • Renovated in 2012
Verticle Cedar

Deck Overlooking the Mianus River

One of 3 Fireplaces

Sleek and Warm Kitchen

New Baths

Kick back and relax!
Cute House – in contract for sale? or rent? both in contingent status….
List Price – $2,395,000
Rent Price – $10,000