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I have been absent for a few days, and have been mulling over whether to vent or not  – 

Is it ethical to list a single family home but to omit important details from the listing such as 1) the tenant must employ the owner’s handyman/gardener for $9000 per year 2) that the owner reserved the right to use the guest cottage for his/his family’s personal use? 

The home has been on the market for over 300 days, joining the ranks of 120 other homes in Greenwich – so the owner decided to list it for rent – first for $7000, then reduced it to $4500 (with the above mentioned hidden caveats) 

I will hand it to the realtor that she disclosed these facts right away in person, however, one had to show up to see the home, before learning of these details – and no doubt this had everything to do with the reason that we saw (3) other parties leave as quickly as they came.

You must admit that the reduction sans truths, did get people to show up! But how many people were annoyed in the process? 

5 Winterset – Greenwich
Family Room


160 days on market – here are the numbers:

  • 5 Bedrooms
  • 3 Baths
  • 2 Fireplaces
  • Assessed at $1,772,190
  • Taxes $15,233
  • Original List Price was $ 2,250.000

Built in 1963, it was renovated in 2000 and is on a beautiful flat lot…someone has found a nice place to hang their hat!

Wow! It appears that 66 Binney Lane just rented for $31,625 in a bidding war? Original list was 22,000 per month for a short term rental where it sat waiting for a month when it was reduced to $19,000. So 70 days later – it closed for over $31,000 per month for July and August.

66 Binney Lane
It is just a sweet, classic waterfront shore colonial, that no doubt will be enjoyed.
When I visit open houses, one of the things that I often notice, is how outdated they are. Traditional is beautiful, however, tired is not. “Fresh” gives the impression for future home buyers, that you have been caring for your home all along. Granted, if you are selling your home, you do not want to spend lots of money, but when a window is a standard size, you can take the shade with you when you move, or better yet – they may become a point of negotiation. 
When I sold my apartment in NYC, I had very inexpensive but dramatic window shades. When I wouldn’t lower my price, the perspective buyer negotiated to have the window treatments included in the sale – bingo! Win/Win 🙂

The Shade Store – Simple – But sometimes simple is great. This site works so well – it is easy, fast, organized, yet you are able to order samples in the tradition of buying window treatments anywhere….check it out!

There is also a solar section which offers so many options…..

After being on and off the market since 2008 with it’s present accoutrements – this gorgeous home sold for the most recent list price of $6,595,000 (2/28/2011)

There are unique buyers, and this is a unique home.




  • Sold in 1999 for 5,300,000
  • Active again in 2007 after complete and beautiful restoration for $10,500,000 where it sat until the listing expired in April 2008
  • Active again in March 2010 – $9,750,000
  • Reduced in April $8,750,000
  • Again in August – $7,400,000
  • Again in February – $6,595,000

Recent List and Close Price – $6,595,000  Here are some numbers:

  • 4 Bedrooms
  • 5 1/2 baths
  • 5 Fireplaces
  • 2.76 acres
  • 7,692 SF
These fabulous chandeliers come in 3 sizes – so click on the link – they’re on sale from $139 – $189 on
Not your everyday lighting fixture. There is artwork as well as these artful lanterns.

Parvez Taj – Artwork


Epic Home Sale Commercial – Watch more Funny Videos

According to Wells Fargo, there are 51.5 million potential first time home bueyrs born between 1979 and 1991. This is approximately 6 + million more than the baby boomers of 1977.
This generation is more technology driven, (it seems ridiculous to have to mention this, but I still see some realtors who barely can navigate Outlook), more diverse, and according to a Pew research study, more trusting of institutions. They are basically more optimistic.
According to Wells Fargo, more than 70% of those surveyed, still want to own a home, and they optimistically view the more stringent credit requirements as a positive for having the ability to stay in their homes.
What should we as realtors do to prepare for the Millenials?
  1. Get with the tech program
  2. Spruce up your look – you don’t have to dress like they do, but get rid of the motif sweaters, and ill-fitting suits and hire a stylist to give recommendations. Or just pick up Bazaar for girls and GQ for guys.
  3. Think green – they are looking for energy efficient homes – know the science as it relates to real estate 
Doughnuts in Banksville, Pemberwick, N.Mianus, Byram 

S.Parkway has the most total active listings – 209 as well as the most new listings 48 – and the top sales – $40,027,500 – average list price is 3,672,297 – average sale price 2,859,107

N.Parkway has the highest average list price 4,965,074 and average sale price 5,329,000 with just over half the number of active listings as S.Parkway – 112 vs 209

Riverside came out on top with the % of sale price to list – 95.5%

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