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Take a guess at what is the most expensive home is in the US at the moment. It’s NOT Candy Spelling’s Holmby Hills, Calif. 56,000+ square foot mansion, listed at $150 million or $2700 per sq. ft.

Per square foot, the most expensive house is this beachfront shack in Carpinteria, Calif.

This little gem is listed at $5.3 million for a snug 641 square feet — comes out to a higher per-square-foot price.  The the agent for the home, John Henderson, claims it’s actually a relatively spacious 750 square feet or $7,000 per sq.ft. –  making it the most expensive house.

And this is what $5.3 buys in Greenwich, CT

34 Meeting House Rd
Greenwich, CT.
8432 square feet
4+ acres
$634 per sq.ft.

Upon moving back to Greenwich after living in Sausalito for 2 years, we heard through our family grapevine, that there was an adorable back country cottage for rent. It is located on 8+ gorgeous acres, down a quiet country lane of country bliss – and so we jumped on it. It was temporary (as I clear my throat) – we were ready to buy a home. With a one year lease, but 6 years later – combined with many fond memories, we found ourselves still living in backcountry Greenwich in this magical little cottage.

The owners are friends of the family – and during our tenancy, we became quite close, and enjoyed many great times together. Great laughs, funny stories, amazing food (thanks to my husband) and many glasses of great wine and most of all,  amazing experiences – some sad, some happy.

When we moved last January, and out of friendship and knowing that I would go beyond the call of duty, they gave me the listing.

Here is the precious little one:

So many special memories, among them, rescuing a darling fawn, subsequently named after the master of the house, William – thus, Billy. Here is his pictorial journey on the estate.  From carefully keeping him warm and feeding him every couple of hours while still a fawn, to protecting him while progressively letting go – from the enclosed porch, to the fenced backyard – teaching him boundaries, how to run and play and at the end of the day, to come home to safe harbor. It was a blast, and he brought joy and amazement to us and many of our mutual friends.

Here’s to you William and Billy – Happy Thanksgiving!

Tips for shortening your time with TSA – it’s a conspiracy



When you have a room that has great space but light is lacking because there are no windows, this is a great solution. Shoji screens that can be lighted from behind, to create light, privacy and ambience…divide a room – or create an illusion.

Consider all those lower level rooms with no windows, the “basements” that were re-finished that nobody likes to use…there is a reason, and this could be the solution. works for success in sales in 2010?

  • Tenacity? “If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.”
  • The “in your face approach”? – “The sqeaky wheel gets the oil”
  • The aloof approach? “You need me more than I need you.”
  • Creating a sense of Urgency “For a limited time only”

When I was selling high end fashion apparel, we would  never beg for the order. You had to resist over-selling, when presenting and you never made it seem as though you were desperate for their business. When you wanted their order, you could ask for it, but it was always with the reason that the collection was “closing” therefore if the order was not received by the cut off date, the retailer could not be guaranteed on time or complete deliveries. With some designer companies, if their orders came past due to the deadline,  their orders were not accepted at all. This is absolutely true – when I was at Armani, I had to be the bearer of such news to one of my accounts.

Whether it’s real or created, URGENCY, fuels sales.

The fashion industry was quick to pick up on another concept – pop up stores – leasing temporary spaces for a month or two. This creates urgency. They also adopted/created temporary internet sales – and they are hugely successful. The proof us how many there are:,, to name a few. These companies feature products whereby the internet shopper only has a short time to take advantage of the sale sometimes only hours, and it is first come first served – and they proudly display the items that have “SOLD OUT”

Now, that’s what I’m talking about!

For real estate, it could work like this….

– Listing agreement for one month only

– Advertise the property 4 consecutive weeks – illustrating the limited market time/dates

– Hold 4 consecutive Public Open Houses

– Hold 4 consecutive Realtor Open Houses

First qualified offer wins

That’s it, Basta, Finis, Finale, It’s Gone, Bye Bye!

What do we have to lose? Days on market?

Whether it is a sentimental pictorial journey for old time sake, or a cathartic release of grief (like this one that I created after losing 2 kitties within a short time), or a brag book for your business achievements, or a house closing gift for your clients…

My Publisher offers one of the best quality self-publishing books that I have ever seen. They always have terrific specials, lead times are short, and the result is amazing. It is user friendly for first timers.

Why not create something meaningful to give?

Click on the link to peruse this book:

The right situation is often hard to find, so this may help to save time for both of us.

I am white (although you don’t have to be), born in 1966 (although your age is not a criteria for me). I am great shape, entertaining and family are positives and my surroundings are beautiful, clean and well maintained…actually, I just had a facelift and I feel like a million!

If you travel a lot, you’ll only get support from me, and when you want to be with me, I am warm and inviting. When you need to get away, I get it and it’s really easy to get to the Westchester airport, New York City or the Merritt Parkway.

You are professional, neat, caring and like nice things. You may not want to be in a permanent situation, and that is great for me, since it takes time to make a commitment. You’re on time, responsible, love family, enjoy entertaining and taking nice long walks. Maybe you like to play golf on the weekends? – so I would welcome you to meet my friend Griff – formal name is Griffith E Harris, he is right down the street and he would  gladly welcome you and your friends.

Although I am related to royalty, my Dad is King Merritt, our association is very friendly and we welcome our neighbors to join block parties and celebrate life.

You can call my friend who put me up to this ad – her name is Deb 203-300-7023 or if you want to take a quick look first just go from the Merritt or the Hutch, exit 120A (King Street) to Bowman Dr. But, as my mom always told me, is great to have beauty on the outside, but it’s inside that matters most.

Since you like options and are really busy, and are actively looking for the perfect situation as well, you may want to visit my website.

My name is Heather and my number is 4. I am right and hopefully you are too!

..and yes look forward to better times and open your eyes to the possibility of helping others….

Enjoy – It’s our anniversary today, so the song is especially apropos. The CD is on Amazon…

Every time I open a local paper – it’s headlines – someone is getting robbed, scammed or run over…

  • Betteridge Jewelers armed robbery yesterday with thugs sledge hammering the window before anyone could even have enjoyed their latte.
  • Ralph Lauren reported (18  minutes after it happened) that a woman walked out of the store with a $17,000 handbag. Don’t they have a greeter/guard at the front door – if anyone needs a job they could probably get this guy’s
  • In Wilton, where most people do not lock their doors, it was reported that crime is way up over last year, with several robberies at local gas stations
  • It was reported that a lottery scam that robbed seniors out of thousands of dollars was taking place in Fairfield county
  • Hell, even in our own home last week, we had a pair of binoculars/range finder taken from our house (or they mysteriously disappeared from the entrance while repairmen were “working” (it)
  • Then, in Stamford a guy, Christopher Simonelli, 30,  just proceeded to randomly (oh I nearly forgot – he had a fight with his girlfriend) and aggressively plow into 14 cars along Myrtle Ave, injuring 22 people – some critically, including Mr. S himself, who deserves it with a capital C.
Stop the insanity! Start buying homes- please
Housing affects jobs for:
  • Bankers
  • Mortgage Companies
  • Insurance
  • Maintenance crews
  • Landscapers
  • Painters
  • Contractors for all home services
  • Decorators
  • Home stores
  • Furniture companies
  • Moving companies
  • Attorneys
  • Appraisers
  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Invisible Fence businesses
  • Pool Companies
  • Etc, etc, etc

See any resemblance?

Sopot Poland
Designed by architect Szotynscy Zaleski 
Inspired by children’s illustrations created by Jan Marcin Szancer for fairytales and by the artwork of Per Dahlberg. The home features three stories and is built with the surrounding buidlings in mind,  to give it the feel as though it belongs in the area but perhaps melted or sagged out of exhaustion.
P.S. Now take the Frank Ghery building at Ground Zero
And his inspiration